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Watching the Best Series Ever

One of my cousins told me to go to to sign up for a TV provider because there was a really great show about to premiere. My cousin lives on the opposite side of the country, but we talk a lot. He knew about the show because he had seen a lot of advertisements about it. When my cousin told me about the name of the show, I quickly noticed it. It was a show that was based off a series of books that I loved to read as a kid. I wasn’t sure if a TV adaptation would be done well, but at this point I didn’t care, because I just wanted to see it.

I looked at the provider and called them up to schedule an installation. They came to my home and put a box in my home so I could view their channels. I set a reminder on my box to automatically turn to the show when it came on and to record it. I wanted to watch the show as many times as possible. The first episode of the show was going to be made after the first book in the series.

When the show came on, I had my cousin on the phone so I could talk with him at the same time. I had a lot of snacks with me to complete the viewing experience. The show had done a good job of adapting the book. I knew all of the words of the show’s dialogue because I had read the book so many times, but I was still able to enjoy it as if I had no idea what was going to happen. They chose some pretty good actors to play the book’s characters. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to air.

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