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Things Have Really Changed for the Better for Our Loved Ones

How did we live without being in better contact with people we know and loved just twenty five years ago? People were still using letters that were sent via the postal service as just one way to stay in contact, and often, we would lose touch with one another anyway. Now, I just can just use my sign in within seconds to get into my email account and have access to all my loved ones. I can honestly say that thanks to the Internet and all the wonderful communication programs that are available these days, I have not lost track of anyone in decades.

I can remember when it cost and arm and a leg to call people long distance. My best friend lived across the country, and a one hour phone call would easily cost us $40 or so. It was frustrating. One particular weekend, she had just been told by her husband that he wanted a divorce. She called and I helped by giving her advice and other words to help sooth her. Then, we had to end our phone call because we feared what the phone bill would be. I found out just weeks later that us spending many hours talking to her as she needed cost her $150.00. And that was the only phone call we had together at that time, because we couldn’t afford more. It was situations like that where people did not have the support and friendship when they needed it.

Now, thanks to my email programs and social networks, I can reach out and received supportive and kind words all day long for free. Who would have thought that these companies would have figured out a way to make it so that we do not have to specifically pay to use them? It is a wonderful thing for all of us to have easy ways to connect now.

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