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Listening to a New Kind of Music

I really enjoy listening to music. My parents got me hooked at a very young age because they also enjoyed having music on throughout the day. The only difference between me and them is that they strictly listen to American music while I enjoy listening to all kinds of international music. I like looking at different websites that are devoted to music, and one of my favorite new sites that I visit a good bit is krafta. This music website has mp3s from not only the United States but other countries too. I have come to really appreciate and like Indonesia and Malaysia because of what I have found on this website.

What I have come to find out about most music sites that have music from another country is that it is devoted just to that country’s music. With Bursalagu, they have American music along with what is currently most popular in Indonesia and Malaysia too. I already have a lot of American music websites that I visit, but this one is nice because they offer free downloads of the different tracks, and I can also watch music videos there and get lyrics as well.

I discovered the site quite by accident. I was looking for a particular song that I had heard in a foreign movie that I had watched, and this site was one of the top results that came back. As soon as I went to it, I was hooked. I only had intentions of finding that one song, but instead I found an entire new genre of music that I just really like a lot. I still listen to mostly American music, but there are those moments when nothing else will do but a Malaysian ballad or an Indonesian pop song. It is nice to have so many choices!

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