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I Finally Lost My Unwanted Pounds

Fix Approved Shakeology BrownieIf you have never been overweight, you truly do not know the struggle. Sure, the concept of eating less and working out more makes sense, but it really is not as easy as that. The mind is a powerful thing, and the body has a large part to do with it too. A person does not choose to be overweight willingly, and it is so hard to get rid of those pounds because your body is screaming at you that you want food. That was my case anyway, but it changed when I read honest Shakeology reviews and results.

For the first time, I felt hope that I did not have to be this way anymore. Some of the stories that I read were from people who could have been me. They had the same urges and desires that seemed next to impossible to control, even with the end result being more weight gained. It was just a never ending cycle, but that all changed once I started using Shakeology myself. Even though it is also a meal replacement, I had a feeling I would still eat every meal I did. I just hoped I would eat less.

Well, I got my wishes answered, because the longer I used Shakeology, the less I had urges for food that is just no good for me. My body was still telling me to eat, but I wanted to reach for an apple instead of a bag of chips. Once I started eating the right foods, my urges for junk pretty much disappeared. I was even able to eliminate one of my meals, using the Shakeology shake as my meal instead. The best part is that I started to lose weight, and that meant I was feeling better about myself. The mental change is just as impressive as the physical change!

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