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Getting Settled in Here in New Jersey

I spent the day getting the last details worked out with the house. We got us a nice little house in a suburban area, looks like it is going to be pretty nice for us. Beth is going to be about twenty minutes away from her new job and we are going to have a good bit more money once things are sorted out. I am going to find a company that provides home security in elizabethtown. That is going to be important because I am going to be out on the road a lot. Of course location is not so important for me in my job. I have a territory, and I cover it. If I go to the office it is just a random event, instead I work on my computer some place that makes sense or I go see the clients. Most of all I am Mr Fix It, because we sell and service a very complicated product or to be specific a System that has a whole lot of moving parts. It takes a person with extensive experience and knowledge to keep it working properly.

So in fact my job is to go where I need to be and make certain that it all works. In fact I am more a product than an employee. That is to say that I am part of what you buy when you buy the product. If we sold the stuff and then walked away you would very quickly have a big pain in the rear, instead of a very valuable productive system. It has to be minded by a person who understands the entire system to keep it all running the way that it needs to. Of course it is a pain for me to be so vitally needed.

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