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A Dedicated Online Space Saver

For my Windows VPS hosting needs, I use a company that offers an affordable service plan. I use the VPS for storing files that I need to access in a hurry and also as a backup server. After having many hard drives crash multiple times over the years, I’ve learned that it’s always a good idea to have a backup of your files somewhere. I backup my files once a week offline by burning them to disks, and also online by putting them on the VPS. If anything goes wrong, I’ll be able to choose from two backup sources to restore my data.

The VPS has come in handy plenty of times over the past year. I have a laptop that I take with me when I go out, and use a desktop while I’m at home. Sometimes I’ll create files on the desktop, and forget to transfer them over to the laptop. With the VPS, all I have to do is log into it, and I can copy the files I need. I can also access the VPS from my smartphone over wireless or a 4G connection, so in the situations where I don’t bring my laptop, I can still get work done by using the tiny screen on my phone.

Sometimes I let my brother use the VPS to store some of his files on there as well. He makes movies and uses the VPS to store files while he’s editing them to make a fin shed product. Since he shoots the movies with a high definition camera, they can sometimes take up a lot of space on the VPS, but he usually deletes the files he doesn’t need after a week. The VPS comes with a lot of space to work with, so we’ve never really had to worry about running out.

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