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The first time that a collector called our house, I knew I was the one who was at fault. My husband is pretty organized, but I have a lot of trouble with it. We had agreed that I would be the one in charge of record keeping for our finances. He has to work a lot, and he is often out of town. So, he simply doesn't have the time. After I got off the phone, I quickly started looking for a solution, and that is when I learned about Quicken 2016 and what it could do for me. I am disorganized, and I needed that to change when it comes to our money.

I have had trouble with disorganization ever since I was a child. As I grew older and went to college, I noticed the high numbers of my friends who were organized and had everything so together. They often kept lists and schedules. Many of them carried around little books that they would scribble down important notes in. I even went as far as buying a big wall calendar, a white board, a bulletin board, and separately, a little notebook I could write down important things to remember and do. I started out with good intentions, but quickly fell behind with using each of them. The little book sat in the bottom of my backpack, often obscured by makeup, candy wrappers and the like. The truth was that staying organized was not easy for me. In fact, it was a major struggle.

As I grew older, simply pushing myself hard to get things done really helped. It helped me to turn good intentions into habits. I still needed help with staying on top of our money issues, but once I got the new software that lets me keep all of our finances more organized, I knew that I found a winner.

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