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Like any part of the house, the roof will eventually be damaged. In fact, because of its exposure to the elements, it is probably the most vulnerable part of the house. It is exposed to maximum stress and strain. Unfortunately however, the roof is also usually the last to be noticed when it comes to the maintenance of the house. Most homeowners have their walls repainted, or have new bathroom fixtures installed but how many have their roof upgraded or repaired by local roofers in Bronx NY? Even with new developments in roofing designs, roofs still deteriorate faster than walls.

As mentioned earlier, the roof is often the most neglected part of the house. But if this is constantly checked by the homeowner, any damage will be seen at its early stage and repairs can be done immediately. The roof is perhaps the most important part of your home so, it is best to have a highly skilled and licensed roofing expert install it for you. Even before any construction starts in your home make sure that your contractor is properly qualified before allowing any work done on your roof. If your roof is not installed properly, it could have manufacturer warranties that are void and these will decrease your roof's overall life expectancy. Another factor that contributes to improper roof installation is that in the past 15 years, due to constant changes in the economy, the bidding on new buildings has become such fierce competition that roofing contractors have cut corners to get the job done.

These contractors fight unfavourable weather conditions to meet their completion deadlines and often, moisture is trapped in the roofing system which will contribute to early roof damage. As soon as your roof is constructed, it begins to deteriorate. Why? It is immediately exposed to the sun, rain, sleet and snow. Intense heat dries out the roofing paper and it is pounded by rain and high winds from storms, melting and freezing snow can also cause an "ice dam" that cause reservoirs of water that seeps under roof tiles leading to serious roof damage under the surface. Hailstorms can also cause severe damage to your roof. Keep these factors in mind and care for your roof!

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