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My husband goes out of town for business quite often. He is typically away for up to two weeks at a time, about once per month. I have always felt quite safe when he is gone because we live in a nice area and we have a big dog. Last month, I receive a mailer from ADT in the mail that explained that they were having a special in my area. Several of my neighbors took advantage of the great discount and had an alarm system installed, but I was not so sure that I needed one. But that changed on night a few weeks ago.

My husband was out of town again, and he was scheduled to come home the next night. Our dog started barking, but it is very common for him to bark. He barks at his own tail! But something was different this time. He would bark, and then give a very low growl. He did this over and over again. I was reading a book, so I was only half paying attention. Then everything was quiet, so I no longer worried about it.

About ten minutes after my dog last barked, I heard the doorknob on our kitchen door rattle. I wondered if I was hearing things. I was in the living room, and just moments later, the knob on the door in that room rattled. I could see that someone was trying to open it! Before I knew it, they moved on to the living room window, bumped against it and tried to open that, too. Needless to say, I immediately called 911.

After that night, I knew that believing I was 100% safe without an alarm system was naivety on my part. What if I had been asleep, didn't hear anything and someone broke in? I immediately called and took advantage of the same alarm discount my neighbors got.

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