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I have started to think about this ever since I moved back to Texas in the Fall last year. It is always hot down here, but some nights it is cold too. You have a lot of energy usage if you want to keep the place cool in the summer. I really have spent a lot of time looking for more tips on saving power. Of course there are some really drastic ideas which are sort of cool to think about. For example you can build a house that is basically like a cave. That is to say that you use a lot of Earth to insulate the place from the Texas heat. I have seen this guy who built a house and then more or less buried it under a bunch of ground. When I was a kid we did not have air conditioning really, but we had a full basement and It was always nice and cool down there.

At any rate that is not really a practical idea, but there are some things you can do and if you are working on a big game plan it is important for you to think about saving money in little ways and big ways. I have been looking at smart ways to set up a home automation system. It would work like this in theory. You would set it up so that your house could remotely change the thermostat settings with your movements. For example you are going to spend 8 hours a night laying in your bed, so in theory you do not need the rest of the house to be as comfortable as the room you are laying in bed in. You spend another 8 or 9 hours away from your home at work. The house needs to be cozy when you get back.

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