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I live in Texas, and I have for some 10 years now. I have bough my power from the same company for all of that time, and I am pretty excited about the chance of finding cheaper electricity. It has been awhile since I have looked into prices, but last time, I could not really find any prices that were cheaper than the price that I was already paying. I am not sure what to look for on but it seems to have a lot of information about the different companies in the state and the prices that they have - there are some companies on here that are listed, which I did not even know existed.

I know that the prices for oil have really been going down lately, and I wonder how that affects the price of electricity. I am sure that it is in an indirect way, but everything in the economy is related in one way or another. So I guess that oil is more related to the prices of electrcity than a whole lot of other commodities. I intend to change the company that I get my electricity from, if it is the case that I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

Just don't make much sense to continue paying for something more expensive, when you know you can get the same thing for cheaper. I know when I am in the grocery store sometimes, I will buy the cheapest thing regardless of the brand. But say, when it comes to mayo, you aren't get the same thing when you buy the cheapest product on the shelf. Usually the quality is inferior. But that isn't the case for all products in the store and it isn't the case when it comes to electricity either.

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